Lawn Care

Waste and debris from seasonal change can leave your yard looking like a mess. Regularly scheduling your lawn maintenance is important not only for appearances sake, but because you don't want the decay to attract unwanted bugs and pests. Whether it's a few broken branches or a larger mess caused by a storm, Booth Pro Landscaping & Lawncare can provide premium lawn care service.


Our landscape contractor is a skilled professional, and at Booth Pro Landscaping & Lawncare we’re dedicated to providing you with efficient and quality services at an affordable price. Our landscaping services include options for houses and businesses alike. For both residential and commercial lawn care, we are the company to call.

In addition to maintaining the health and appearance of your lawn, Booth Pro Landscaping & Lawncare’s pressure washing service will wash away the dirt and grime that build over time from your home’s exterior. Our regularly scheduled lawn mowing service will help you keep your residential or commercial lawn consistently green and at a preferable length. For more information on all of our commercial and residential lawn care options in Wilmer, AL, contact us at Booth Pro Landscaping & Lawncare today!

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